Wanna know what it's like?
Laser Tag might have you thinking plastic zapper guns, black light aliens, and every
person for themselves after the highest score. Let me tell you Laser Tag has
evolved. The guns are high quality steel that have the look and feel of a real weapon.
The technology is a military quality infrared laser that works in dark rooms or full
sunlight up to hundreds of feet away. The game play is scenario based to give the
most realistic feel possible. Each mission is designed to create a environment
where the team is more effective than the individual.

The best part of all is the fact that the setup is completely mobile so it can be
arranged indoors or outdoors. Played in a natural environment like wooded areas or
on a blank template where we set up our inflatable bunkers that can be arranged to
suite the mission.

Unlike paintball, at the end of the event there is no mess, no fuss, and no bruises.
(904) 419-TAG1
(8 2 4 1)
Laser tag has evolved. Just try to keep up.